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Supporting our wonderful club from North London, albeit nearly 12,000 miles away is no mean feat.

Amidst a wealth of half-hearted Football fans in the country who jump on the latest trending team, and the flurry of your usual United, Chelsea, Arsenal, City fans who are chasing glory, there is something quite unique about being a Spurs fan, and meeting voracious fans all around the country that are just the same as you.

It's the getting up at 3am on a Monday morning - sacrificing coveted sleep, sneakily watching our Champions League endeavours at your work desk and evangelising to unsuspecting potential fans about the club; this is what truly defines you as a Spurs fan in NZ.

It's in the blood - it's what we do and who we are.

Sometimes I've felt isolated supporting Tottenham, being the brunt of misinformed banter from so-called luxurious glory fans - however, the joy of meeting a fellow Spurs fans makes it all worth it. It's the nods in the street when a fellow fan catches you in your shirt and the mutual understanding you can share.

The Spurs connection shared has opened up avenues for me in my personal life here in New Zealand. Just meeting a fellow Spurs fan warrants enough for mutual respect and its certainly made me some lifelong friends here, sharing admiration for the North London club that is so special to us. You lot get it.

I also like to think our enthusiasm rubs off on some unsuspecting Kiwis.. Just last week a mate of mine, an ardent rugby fan who has reluctantly grown more and more into a Spurs fan attended a game on my membership at Wembley.. He sung his heart out and proudly declared his love for the club - it's brilliant to see Kiwi's getting on board the unique and proud club that is Tottenham Hotspur and wanting a bit of the passion we display that isn't the same in other sports.

If you haven't yet made the pilgrimage to the UK, its well worth doing if you can. My first experience was at White Hart Lane to see Tottenham beat Chelsea 2-0 in 2017. It was spine tingling to be there, to see the team I love in the flesh, to hear the chants, the evident passion and the raucous nature that was White Hart Lane. I cant wait to be back for the new stadium and experience that all again.

So all of you here - the ex pats so proudly flying the Spurs flag and the kiwis who have learnt to love this famous club, keep supporting so strongly , even 12,000 miles away from White Hart Lane. You make a difference and it is so brilliant to see the passion of so many of you in your own way throughout the country.

Big ups to the people who have made the Kiwi Spurs club a reality. I'm proud to see how much the presence of THFC has grown in New Zealand and I for one look forward to meeting you all at the eagerly anticipated Steve Perryman event in March.

Come on you Spurs.

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