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After seven years of bleary-eyed starts to my Monday mornings and countless 3am kick-offs following Spurs from the Antipodes, the 2018/19 season began less than a fortnight ago – and I am finally able to not only watch my beloved club at a sociable hour, but take my very own seat at White Hart… er.. Wembley.

Admittedly, I feel somewhat guilty having told close friends that the main motivating factor for my return home was to spend quality time with my family. Portraying myself as ‘the good son’, when in actual fact, secretly all I wanted to do was spend the season watching the Lilywhites at their wonderful new ground. Well, that’s worked out well hasn’t it?

Wembley clearly isn’t the same. Its not White Hart Lane, but it was marvellous to take my seat for the game against Fulham – and the new stadium will have to wait. But it is clearly a point of interest, mainly for followers of other clubs and I’m sure the likes of Adrian Durham and to a lesser extent Andy Goldstein are rubbing their hands together at the opportunity to peddle their anti-Tottenham agenda again.

Let me remind them, that the only people at a disadvantage while Spurs play at multiple home grounds over the course of the season are the Tottenham supporters, be they season ticket holders who have no idea where they will be in a few weeks or months, or traveling fans from overseas who are now frantically trying to adjust holiday plans. They will pay the price, and feel it in their wallets.

The aforementioned supporters and broadcasters clearly see this as an ideal chance to bury the news that neither West Ham nor Arsenal have a single point to their name so far this season, while Manchester United are coming to terms with the fact that Jose Mourinho clearly has lost patience with his board, and his star player has lost patience with him.

Meanwhile, Arsenal and West Ham fans have petitioned the government to dock Tottenham points this season for breaching Premier League rules over the use of multiple home grounds. This is laughable for two reasons. Firstly, the government has no jurisdiction over the Premier League. Good work gents. The second reason why this is so amusing, is because it would be incredibly embarrassing for both Arsenal and West Ham if this petition, by some miracle, is given any credence, Spurs are docked points and still finish above both clubs. Based on last season, you could dock Tottenham 14 points, and we would still have finished above the Arsenal and would have been a whopping 21 points clear of the Spanners. Good luck with your petition boys.

Finally, I just want to take this opportunity to point out that currently, Tottenham have more stadiums, than both Arsenal and West Ham have points!

Lets get back to the Football shall we?


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