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A week can be a long time in football, and a month can often be an eternity. I opened up our last newsletter bemoaning a disappointing draw against Burnley, the loss to Chelsea and what seemed at the time, an impossible Champions League draw.

Since then, Tottenham have accumulated 6 points from 6 in Europe's top competition, and sit third in the Premier League. While by no means in top form, there were strong signs that Spurs are finding their rhythm in the 4-0 demolition of Huddersfield this weekend just gone.

Indeed, Harry Kane's recent form has been nothing short of phenomenal and even Moussa Sissoko is starting to resemble a Premier League footballer. All this and Spurs are currently without Victor Wanyama and are yet to see Danny Rose in action, while Dele Alli is struggling for form.

All this tends to suggest that there is a lot more to come from Tottenham, and with the likes of Harry Wink's performing well against Huddersfield, supporters can draw comfort from the fact that there is clearly greater depth this season, than last. City and United however, are looking formidable to date, but if we can stay on their heels, anything can happen.



One of the benefits of Kiwi Spurs membership is a priority window to access tickets to Wembley. The process is simple and can be read here.

We encourage all members who intend to travel to Wembley to sign up to the One Hotspur membership program with Tottenham Hotspur.

KiwiSpurs Fantasy football is well underway, with 33 KiwiSpurs managers fighting for the most prestigious title in New Zealand Fantasy Football circles. If you have a team, its not too late to join and you can do so by clicking here and using the league code 1007491-241242.

Mark Overfield currently leads the pack, 9 points clear of second placed Michael Rennie.


You will now be aware that former striker, and legendary goalscorer Clive Allen will be arriving in New Zealand to meet us in February, 2018. This represents a massive coup for us, and tickets are now on sale for the event in Auckland on the 24th of February. Furthermore, tickets can also be purchased for the Wellington show, although we are still yet to confirm the exact date of this event, just yet. It is however, tentatively planned for Saturday, 3rd March.

This will be a fantastic event, and Clive will be leaving his media commitments with Sky Sports behind for this trip. So please make every effort to come and see this legendary former player.

We simply cannot run these events without the support of our members and the extended football family. Every ticket sale goes to fund the event itself, with every penny of profit (if there is one!) being donated to the Prostate Cancer Foundation NZ.

Tickets are available only through and are priced at $75. Groups of five or more can buy at a discounted price of $65 using the coupon code on product page. Members will be able to take advantage of exclusive benefits on the night that will be confirmed in the coming weeks. Tickets can be purchased by clicking here


As kick off times are published, and the UK broadcast schedule is updated, we will ensure that you are all aware of kick off times and meet ups.


For those outside Auckland, please let us know what venues are showing the games in your towns and we will ensure this is communicated to all members.

The following meet ups will be taking place over the month of October.


Sunday, 1st October @ 12:30 AM 

Huddersfield vs Tottenham Hotspur - LIVE AT THE FOX (AUCKLAND) & THE FOUR KINGS (WELLINGTON)

Wednesday, 18th October @ 07.45 AM 

Real Madrid vs Tottenham Hotspur - LIVE AT THE FOX (AUCKLAND) 

Wednesday, 25th October @ 07.30 PM 

Dunedin Spurs Monthly Meet-Up - Cableways, Dunedin

Sunday, 28th October @ 12:30 AM 

Manchester United vs Tottenham Hotspur - LIVE AT THE FOX (AUCKLAND) & THE FOUR KINGS (WELLINGTON)


We're always looking for new ways of staying in touch. In order to continue to grow, its important that we provide a platform for members to communicate to us, and each other.

So, for those who use WhatsApp, and haven't already joined click here to join the conversation and get the latest information on meet ups, events and other news from the Kiwi Spurs.


Last season we had sought to make greater strides to expand KiwiSpurs beyond our current Auckland base, and am absolutely ecstatic to see our presence grow in recent weeks in both Dunedin and Wellington.

Wayne Facer has made a huge leap forward by establishing a regular meeting of the Dunedin Spurs in recent months - indeed, we believe that the Dunedin Spurs are the southernmost Premier League supporters club in the world (this may not be true, but it certainly sounds good - so let's roll with it). Wayne can be reached at and we will soon be updating with his details as our key contact, and Chapter Lead in Dunedin.

Meanwhile, in Wellington, Hamish Girvan and Jack Brown have sought to lead the way and have been looking to establish a Tottenham Hotspur stronghold at The Four Kings. They will be joining Wayne as key contacts for the Wellington region.

Please make every effort to support the team - Football is all about the supporters and it's community, so where there is an opportunity to watch a game, do it with your pals and support the KiwiSpurs up and down the country!

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