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MAY 2018


I'm sure i'm not the only who had a cheeky giggle at Liverpool's expense this morning. Indeed, as Gareth Bale (and Loris Karius) conspired to send the trophy back to Madrid, Tottenham were elevated into Pot 2 of the Champions League draw, meaning they will only be paired with one 'top seed' in the group stage. A fitting end for a team who performed admirably, playing every single game away from home.

Despite the fact that our premier League season was largely a positive one, our failure to overcome Manchester United in the FA Cup, West Ham in the League Cup and the fact that we managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory against Juve in the Champions League, leaves many Spurs fans with a sense that this year was somewhat unfulfilling.

However, it would be naive to think that this season was going to be a breeze, and a third successive top three finish needs to be commended.

But now its done. The season is over and we look forward to the World Cup, with England being led by our very own Harry Kane.

It doesn't appear likely that key players, Kane, Ali or Eriksen will be moving on this summer, and those who will leave are arguably surplus. The wave of new contracts, particularly for the gaffa, should also give us some confidence that the board are willing to back Pochettino as we enter the new stadium.

Indeed, I personally am incredibly excited about the new ground, and look forward to taking my seat at the opening home game.

Not only is this the final newsletter of the season, but the final one you will receive from me as i prepare to head to the US for the preseason tour, and on to London indefinitely. All that is left, is for me to express my sincerest gratitude to you all for you support over the course of the season. In fact, for all your support over the past 2-3 seasons that I have chaired the KiwiSpurs. 

I hope you've enjoyed the nights with Don McAllister, Graham Roberts and Clive Allen as much as I have, and I'll see you on my return to NZ.




As mentioned above, we will be meeting on June 9th to wrap up the year.

There will be some serious business discussed as we look to distribute the tasks of administering the KiwiSpurs to those who want to be involved.

If you'd like to come along, ensure you get in touch!


If you hadn't noticed, the season has ended. However, we will be meeting at the Fox on June 9th for a pint.

Also, join the Whatsapp group to keep in touch with members over the winter, if you fancy catching up with each other. Click here to join the conversation.

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