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Is it too late to wish you all a happy new year, now we're 15 days in? Well apologies if so, but happy new year to you all nonetheless.

What a way to start the 2018. Our last update was tinged with frustration, after dismal performances against West Brom, Leicester and Watford. However, our form has been impressive since, with just one defeat in nine and now unbeaten in 11 at Wembley. Indeed, had it not been for a quite remarkable performance from Liverpool against Manchester City, Spurs may have found themselves back in the top four this week.

On the back of Everton's poor run of form, you would have been forgiven for thinking we would have a sticky time against the Toffees, who may have sought to replicate West Ham's blueprint for stifling Spurs at Wembley. However, Tottenham arguably produced their performance of the season, with Dembele rekindling his form of  2016/17, and Dele starting to demonstrate the confidence we have become accustomed to in recent seasons. 

Furthermore, Harry Kane continued to break records, and his overall contribution can not be overlooked. Kane is much more than just a goalscorer and is arguably the most complete centre-forward we have seen in a generation.

However, special mention should be reserved for Son. Son rarely lets us down. Even when he fails to get into full swing, Son's work rate is second to none Yet more often than not, the South Korean produces the goods. On Sunday, he looked full of confidence, and terrorised Everton. Many believe he is one of the most underrated players in the Premier League, but not among Spurs fans, who are becoming all too familiar with Son's ability.

The big tests however, lay ahead. After our visit to Newport County in the Cup, We entertain Manchester United and Arsenal at Wembley, with a visit to Anfield sandwiched in between. Three games that will likely define our season.

Come on you Spurs!



One of the benefits of Kiwi Spurs membership is a priority window to access tickets to Wembley. The process is simple and can be read here.

We encourage all members who intend to travel to Wembley to sign up to the One Hotspur membership program with Tottenham Hotspur.

Simon Phillips currently leads the KiwiSpurs Fantasy Football by a whopping 47 points, with only two points separating the next three managers.

David Dare picked up the December Manager of the Month.

Remember, no Gooners! 


We're all set for the visit of Clive Allen.  A huge thank you to all those who have already purchased their tickets. Anyone who is yet to purchase their ticket, don't worry, their is still time to book for either venue. 

I would personally like to thank you all for supporting this event. Many of the ex-pros I speak too in an effort to bring them to NZ simply wouldn't come to NZ without the incentive of a fee and an agreement that we will be able to cover some costs. Subsequently, we are reliant on ticket revenue to finance these events which enable Spurs fans here to meet a genuine legend. Indeed, ticket sales alone aren't enough to cover our costs, so we rely on the support of AIA to provide us with sponsorship. In the event we make a profit, we simply cut a cheque to Prostate Cancer NZ, and pass all our proceeds to support that worthy cause. As such, both I and Graeme of PCFNZ are very grateful for your support.

I also appreciate that $75 is not small change - and as such, i urge anyone who would like to go, but simply cant find the funds, to get in touch and we can arrange a payment plan. We want all Spurs fans to be able to enjoy these nights.

We mentioned last month, that a football signed by the current squad has also been donated by Tottenham Hotspur. We will auction the ball for Charity, as per our night with Graham Roberts. Bids can be sent to, or submitted at either event, with the winner announced at our Evening with Clive Allen in Auckland. The ball will be sent to the winner once payment has been completed. Again, proceeds will be donated to our charity.

Finally, for those who have bought tickets, we would encourage you to arrive at either the Four Kings or the Paddington at 5.30pm, ready for a screening of The Lane prior to the main event, kicking off at 8pm.

Tickets for both the Wellington event and the Auckland event are still available from 


While we may all be enjoying the summer sun, the kick off times have still not improved for us unfortunately. January will be a quiet month for us. However, February will be an absolute belter, with two huge games that may define our season.

Sunday, 11th February @ 01:30 AM 

Tottenham Hotspur vs Arsenal

The Fox Sporting Bar & Restaurant, 85/87 Customs St W, Auckland 1010 (Check with the Four Kings for viewing in Wellington)


Wednesday, 14th February @ 08:30 AM 

Juventus vs Tottenham Hotspur

The Fox Sporting Bar & Restaurant, 85/87 Customs St W, Auckland 1010 (Check with the Four Kings for viewing in Wellington)

Saturday, 17th February from 06:00 PM 

An Audience with Clive Allen

The Four Kings, Wellington.

Please note, we will be screening The Lane from 6pm, everyone welcome. Main event will commence at 8pm

Saturday, 24th February from 06:00 PM 

An Audience with Clive Allen

The Paddington, 117 St Georges Bay Rd, Parnell, Auckland 1142

Please note, we will be screening The Lane from 6pm, everyone welcome. Main event will commence at 8pm

The Dunedin Spurs also meet regularly, if you are in Otago, contact Wayne Facer at for details of forthcoming meets.


We're always looking for new ways of staying in touch. In order to continue to grow, its important that we provide a platform for members to communicate to us, and each other.

So, for those who use WhatsApp, and haven't already joined click here to join the conversation and get the latest information on meet ups, events and other news from the Kiwi Spurs.

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