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Only Tottenham Hotspur could follow up an impressive win away at Dortmund in the Champions League, with two draws and a defeat at the hands of far inferior opposition. Those results against Leicester, West Brom and of course Watford, followed the disappointing defeat to Arsenal last month, to leave us winless in four and currently 6th in the league table.

Aspirations of a title challenge have seemingly disappeared (as have dreams of my customary end of season holiday!) - however all is not lost, and the season is far from over.

We are without doubt, missing Toby Alderweireld and Victor Wanyama. Harry Kane still looks shy of match fitness (although his performances have still been sound) while pictures of Dele Alli can be found on milk cartons all over the US - as we still live in hope that the Dele of last season can be found.

However, those of you who remember what it was like to support Tottenham in the 1990's can reflect on our recent run with a rye smile, knowing you've seen it all before. The ups. The downs (of which there were many). However, we have to continue have faith in the current side and the manager - who will inevitably lead us to glory.... maybe...


One of the benefits of Kiwi Spurs membership is a priority window to access tickets to Wembley. The process is simple and can be read here.

We encourage all members who intend to travel to Wembley to sign up to the One Hotspur membership program with Tottenham Hotspur.

KiwiSpurs Fantasy football continues, the competition is further prove to the sheer strength i have in my shoulders, successfully holding up 34 other teams above me in the league! wIf you have a team, its not too late to join and you can do so by clicking here and using the league code 1007491-241242.

Simon Phillips is still out front, with 835 points, just two in front of Simon Overfield. Wellington's Hamish Girvan  currently occupies fourth spot, six points shy of Duncan Bright. 

Remember, anyone fielding Gooners will be publicly flogged!


Clive Allen will be on his way to New Zealand shortly. There will be only two newsletters between now and his arrival.

We have secured sponsorship from AIA for a second year in a row, and are two-thirds of the way to raising the investment to finance the trip. We still need to sell tickets, so those who haven't secured there seat, please do so at the earliest opportunity. It will be the only way you can guarantee meeting a Tottenham legend in NZ next year!

A football signed by the current squad has also been donated by Tottenham Hotspur. We will auction the ball for Charity, as per our night with Graham Roberts. Bids can be sent to, with the winner announced at our Evening with Clive Allen in Auckland.

Tickets for both the Wellington event and the Auckland event are available from and remember all proceeds will be donated to the Prostate Cancer Foundation of New Zealand.


Sadly, kick off times are now working against us, with most games falling outside opening hours, until the Christmas period gets into full swing.

There are however, two fixtures towards the back end of the month that we are looking to confirm whether or not our two venues will be open for breakfast. They are our ties with Manchester City on the 17th December and Burnley on the 24th.

Please get in touch with either the Fox or the Four Kings directly to confirm opening hours for those games.


Sunday, 17th December @ 06:30 AM 

Manchester City vs Tottenham Hotspur

TBC at The Fox Sporting Bar & Restaurant, 85/87 Customs St W, Auckland 1010 (Check with the Four Kings for viewing in Wellington)


Sunday, 24th December @ 06:30 AM 

Burnley vs Tottenham Hotspur

TBC at The Fox Sporting Bar & Restaurant, 85/87 Customs St W, Auckland 1010 (Check with the Four Kings for viewing in Wellington)

The Dunedin Spurs also meet regularly, if you are in Otago, contact Wayne Facer at for details of forthcoming meets.


We're always looking for new ways of staying in touch. In order to continue to grow, its important that we provide a platform for members to communicate to us, and each other.

So, for those who use WhatsApp, and haven't already joined click here to join the conversation and get the latest information on meet ups, events and other news from the Kiwi Spurs.

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