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A new season is upon us, with a trip to St James’ Park first up for our mighty lilywhites. Yet the transfer window has so far been somewhat underwhelming for Spurs. Our Premier League rivals have all raided the piggy bank, while it seems that Mr. Levy & co are still searching between the crevasses in the sofa, for that extra penny or two.



That is not to criticise the current transfer policy however. While we would all love a new signing or two, it may be worth remembering that our starting XI is the envy of the division. It’s depth we need, and the reality is that there may be some apprehension from ‘star’ players, who command a significant pay check, to join our ranks with no guarantee of displacing Wanyama, Dembele, Kane, Alli or Eriksen.



So the reality for Tottenham, is that we will likely pursue talented youngsters, who know they will still likely play 15-20 games with the burden of fixtures that will be upon in all competitions. Indeed, that policy has fared relatively will these past two or three seasons, and furthermore, there may be an advantage in going into the new season with the most settled of all the top six sides in the Premier League.


The following information regarding tickets has come directly from THFC: 

Access to Category A, B and C Tickets at Wembley.


Category A Tickets will be allocated to Supporters Clubs via a ballot


Due to extreme demand for Category A tickets from all One Hotspur Members, Supporters Clubs will be asked to submit requests for tickets for Category A matches at Wembley (PL Home fixtures) before a given deadline. A limited number of tickets will be allocated to Supporters Clubs via ballot for these matches (if oversubscribed). 


Unsuccessful Supporters Clubs or those unable to apply by the deadline are advised to look out for the One Hotspur on-sale dates and apply direct using the Tottenham Hotspur ticket sales outlets (i.e. or by calling 0344 844 0102). Tickets will be sold on a first come, first served basis and are strictly subject to availability.



Category B & C Tickets at Wembley


All Supporters Club members attending matches must be current members of the One Hotspur Lilywhite or Bronze Membership Scheme.

The number of tickets purchased meets the minimum/maximum numbers allowed for the Club i.e.


Category B match – minimum of 1 with no maximum (as long as each ticket is for a One Hotspur Member who is a Supporters Club Member).

Category C match – minimum of 1 with no maximum (as long as each ticket is for a One Hotspur Member who is a Supporters Club Member).

All tickets are subject to availability.


The last match of the season will be subject to the same terms as a Category A match. Which means tickets will have to be applied for and then balloted (if oversubscribed).



We have been allocated the same section of seats for each PL Home fixture. Tickets applied for using the OSC facility will only be allocated in these blocks, if your members wish to sit elsewhere; they are able to purchase tickets independently using their One Hotspur membership.

Block 545 – Front Section

Block 546 – Front Section

Block 105 – Front to Middle Section


We are once again able to offer no booking fees on all tickets purchased via the OSC and we will be utilising more of the online facilities on offer, more information to follow shortly.

KiwiSpurs Fantasy football is up and running again, and so far there are 15 teams registered. You can join by clicking here and using the league code 1007491-241242.


We would like to say thank you to all those who have renewed their membership of KiwiSpurs for 2017/18. The uptake has been impressive so far, and that support is gratefully appreciated.

Your membership cards will be delivered within the next fortnight, accompanied by your welcome letter and details as to how you can take advantage of the benefits of membership.

For those of you receiving this newsletter who haven’t yet renewed, you can still do so at

Proceeds go towards keeping the site running, covering our dues to THFC, while we will also look to utilise these funds to subsidise our legends night that we hope to stage early next year.

We are still in discussions as to who we will look to bring to our shores next year, and hope to be able to share some good news with you in the coming weeks.


You are now able to buy KiwiSpurs merchandise from All merchandise is printed, sold and distributed by a third party. However, a small commission is returned to the our club which will be used to subsidise this seasons legends event.


As kick off times are published, and the UK broadcast schedule is updated, we will ensure that you are all aware of kick off times and meet ups.


For those outside Auckland, please let us know what venues are showing the games in your towns and we will ensure this is communicated to all members.

Monday, 14 August @ 12.30am

Away - Newcastle

Monday, 21 August @ 3.00am

Home - Chelsea

Monday, 28th August @ 3.00am

Home - Burnley

Sunday, 10th September @ 2.00am

Away - Everton 

Sunday, 17th September @ 4.30am

Home - Swansea

Saturday, 23rd September @ 11.30pm

Away - West Ham United - LIVE AT THE FOX

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