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Have you ever thought to yourself, "sh*t, maybe I spoke a little too soon on that one?" I'm pretty sure thats how a certain Liverpool Football Club employee felt on Monday morning.

After running a couple of laps of the Anfield pitch, celebrating Mo Salah's winning goal, Klopp clearly has no issue embarrassing himself publicly. Indeed, only once he stopped gurning like a teenager at a 1980s Acid House party, had he realised that Virgil Van Dyke had committed an act of actual bodily harm on Erik Lamela, the consequence of which was the ball ending up in the back on the Liverpool net.

And so sparked a fury of social media rants from Liverpool supporters and the associated media about how the Red's had been robbed by the referee and a Tottenham team intent on 'bending the rules'. Oddly enough, most of the furore was over the penalty Harry Kane actually missed! Indeed, what Liverpool would have been better of celebrating, was this incredulous act of generosity from Sir Harold.

Two things that need to be made clear. By the letter of the law, both decisions were correct. This is not debatable. Liverpool may choose to debate the specifics of the offside rule, or even whether or not kicking an opponent should be considered 'part of the game', but the undeniable fact is, that the officials, however they deliberated over the decisions, made the correct call, as per the rules of the game.

This has all but overshadowed what was a hugely entertaining game, that Spurs should have won in the end. Liverpool crying foul, but this really only masks over their own frailties. A win in the North London derby for Tottenham, means Liverpool could well face a year of Europa League football next season as Spurs start to pick up some momentum. 

Next up for Spurs, after we've stopped laughing at Chelsea after their hilarious thrashing at the hands of Watford, is Newport County in the FA Cup. A game that even a much weakened side should come through unscathed. Then we move on to Arsenal at Wembley, strengthened by the signing of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and not to be taken lightly. However, after demolishing Manchester United and rattling Klopp's cage, Tottenham have nothing to fear.

Come on you Spurs!



One of the benefits of Kiwi Spurs membership is a priority window to access tickets to Wembley. The process is simple and can be read here.

We encourage all members who intend to travel to Wembley to sign up to the One Hotspur membership program with Tottenham Hotspur.

Fantasy football is starting to resemble the Premier League i'm afraid, as Simon Phillips now leads the KiwiSpurs division by a 61 points, which at this stage of the season, as a significant lead. However, rumour has it that Mr. Phillips hasn't registered with the Kiwi Spurs this season, which means the prestigious title may not end up at Stadio d'el Phillips on the basis of a technicality! I fear his supporters may hound me out on twitter for that, and uncover some incriminating video footage posting it all over twitter... (Oh Dele....)


I make no apologies for constantly plugging our evening with Clive Allen. In fact, as we draw closer to the date of his arrival (February 14th for those who want to know), my general levels of excitement leading up to the events in Wellington and Auckland are difficult to hide.

What a time to have Clive visit NZ. The man is a legend in his own right, however, as Harry Kane wracked up his 100th Premier League goal, and 31st of the season at Anfield, there is a very realistic possibility that Clive Allen's 49 goal record, set in 1986/87 is under threat. Harry is averaging at just shy of a goal a game this year, and with 13 games to go in the Premier League, not forgetting the FA Cup and Champions League,  Clive's record could be broken.

We are making the final preparations for Clive's visit, and would ask all of you who are yet to buy tickets, to please do so as soon as possible in order for us to manage the guest list at the venue in a timely manner. 

The leading bid on the signed football, donated by Spurs sits at $350 and bids can be sent directly to The winner will be announced at the Auckland event on the 24th February.

Raffle prizes will be on offer at the Auckland event too, and some of these are pretty special and not just your usual raffle fare. There will be 1987 Replica shirts on offer, signed by Mr Allen, Programmes from the 1987 season, and even an official team sheet that was acquired from that year, again, signed by the man himself.

It promises to be an absolute belter of a night, and don't forget we will be showing The Lane at both venues from 6pm on the evening of the 17th and 24th of February.

Rumour has it, that the landlord of The Four Kings may put a pint on the bar for everyone who turns up at 6pm to the Wellington event - You wont want to miss that!

Tickets can be bought here and don't forget, all proceeds are being donated to the Prostate Cancer Foundation of NZ


While we may all be enjoying the summer sun, the kick off times have still not improved for us unfortunately. February will be an absolute belter, with two huge games that may define our season.

Sunday, 11th February @ 01:30 AM 

Tottenham Hotspur vs Arsenal

The Fox Sporting Bar & Restaurant, 85/87 Customs St W, Auckland 1010 (Check with the Four Kings for viewing in Wellington)


Wednesday, 14th February @ 08:30 AM 

Juventus vs Tottenham Hotspur

The Fox Sporting Bar & Restaurant, 85/87 Customs St W, Auckland 1010 (Check with the Four Kings for viewing in Wellington)

Saturday, 17th February from 06:00 PM 

An Audience with Clive Allen

The Four Kings, Wellington.

Please note, we will be screening The Lane from 6pm, everyone welcome. Main event will commence at 8pm

Saturday, 24th February from 06:00 PM 

An Audience with Clive Allen

The Paddington, 117 St Georges Bay Rd, Parnell, Auckland 1142

Please note, we will be screening The Lane from 6pm, everyone welcome. Main event will commence at 8pm

The Dunedin Spurs also meet regularly, if you are in Otago, contact Wayne Facer at for details of forthcoming meets.


We're always looking for new ways of staying in touch. In order to continue to grow, its important that we provide a platform for members to communicate to us, and each other.

So, for those who use WhatsApp, and haven't already joined click here to join the conversation and get the latest information on meet ups, events and other news from the Kiwi Spurs.


New footage emerges showing Harry Kane clearly has previous for diving in the box. (Source: Scouse News Daily)

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